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Super Sudoku


遊戲特點:1. 5個難度級別2. 撤消/恢復和自動保存3. 標準數獨、X數獨、超級數獨、百分百數獨、彩色數獨和曲線數獨
Super Sudoku has been polished to perfection and boasts an intuitive, touchscreen game board that’s easy to navigate and fun to play!
Take advantage of Automatic Annotation for effortless calculations of your achievements. Track your patterns with helpful stats and improve your game as you progress.
Game Features:1. 5 levels of difficulty2. Undo/Redo and Autosave3. Standard Sudoku, Sudoku-x, Hyper Sudoku, Percent Sudoku, Color Sudoku and Squiggly Sudoku.
Please kindly note that the permissions needed for this game is only used for the online leader board. Thanks.